Air Cargo

We are one of the leading logistics company providing reliable and efficient air cargo service in the country. With our healthy excellent network of associates across all major airports, SSPTS ensures safe and timely delivery of your products.

We have the transportation resources and shipping know-how to get your cargo on flights the same day or with very little turnaround time.

We also help our customers save large amounts of freight by proper guidance, procedures, consolidation, group age, chartering etc

What Makes Us Special

Fast Pick up Process

We implement technological coordination strategies between the routing team and truck drivers to ensure the pick-up process is initiated at the earliest.

Express Delivery Process

Our dynamic routing follows the fastest route algorithm and directs the truck drivers on the same route to ensure quickest delivery of the products.

Speciality Logistics

According to us speed, reliability and safety are of utmost prominence for perishable, non-perishable and hazardous cargo logistics and we adhere to it.

Why Choose Air Cargo

  • Focus on Every Client’s Success
  • Passion to Perform and Deliver
  • Personal Responsibility in Every Transaction
  • Variable Types of Transportation
  • Cost Effective Warehousing and Distribution Services
  • Customized Logistics Solutions to Suit Every Client’s Needs
  • Simplified and Competitive Pricing
  • Experienced and Friendly Employees
  • GPS Enabled Fleet for Easy Tracking of Shipment
  • Reliable and Safer Services/li>

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